Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Twilight Ranger' by Canadian artist Lori Zébière


'Twilight Ranger'
Acrylic on Canvas
$60 CDN shipping inclued
International shipping extra.

A miniature treasure inspired by the aurora borialis, aka Northern Lights.  Painted in an expressionist style, loose and with lots of colour. Is he a wolf? a coyote? a fox?  He is all and none at the same time. He is partly of this world, partly of imagination; a dreamland shape-shifter and star-gazer. Burried deep in our psyche the stuff of dreams and a nightmares.

I consider myself fortunate, that right outside my studio I can hear the coyotes sing and the wolves howl. My breath is taken away every time everytime I am privilaged enough catch a glimpse of something...a wolf? a coyote? a fox? darting through the woods or trekking across a open field. A surreal, awesome creature that is the embodiment of wildness and free spirit....this is the Twilight Ranger.

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