Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Thinking Out Of The Box' Abstract painting by Indian Contemporary Artist Seshadri

Thinking out of the box means escaping a set frame of mind. What we know and how we related stuff to each other is bounded as if in a picture frame.. So, we just operate within those boundaries. 
"BOX" is "MEMORY" from where old ideas, thoughts, concepts arise. While these old things can work as solutions to some or all technological problems, they are woefully inadequate when it comes to solving psychological problems. That is where thinking or perhaps at a profoundly deeper level of consciousness, NON-thinking must happen "OUT OF THE BOX".

I have tried to depict them through the medium of colours . For example 'red' for anger etc. The ideas are  shown jumping out of the brain. This is an abstract painting. I have used colours to show various feelings of a person. The problem of anger, fear, jealousy, hatred cannot be solved IN THE BOX. One has to be totally free of old, stale ideas in order to look at psychological problems.

This is an oil painting on stretched canvas 36"(h)X48"(w). 90x120cms.

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