Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Dimensional Shift"-Abstract painting in oil by Contemporary Indian Artist Seshadri 30"x36"

This is an original painting in oil on stretched canvas 30"x36". Price USD 850 .

Painting is a process of evolution.  For me, painting is a learning experience that finds me constantly evolving, Style is not the point. Artists always change to find something new.
There are no hidden meanings and obtuse symbolisms in my paintings. I simply create images that I find to be pleasing. I try to provide an environment for thought - a playground for the mind.

A print on high quality Kodak  glossy/ semi-glossy/matt paper from a multicolour professional   KODAK printer will be supplied.  This will be done using a high resolution  image. This will be signed by me. Price: USD 50 for 11.7"x16.5" (A4). You may place order  through Paypal. An Authenticity Certificate duly signed by me will be given for all artworks supplied.

Please contact me on My professional website is COMMISSION WORK UNDERTAKEN.

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